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Creating Strategic Success: Action Learning Workshop

Creating Strategic Success

Lead your team out of the fog. In this action learning workshop, leaders will:

  • Clarify your team’s value proposition
  • Create a compelling vision linked to your company’s vision
  • Conduct a strategic analysis and environmental scan
  • Identify success strategies that define winning
  • Engage your team and stakeholders in solidifying the plan
  • Gain critical skills in strategic thinking, inspiring commitment, and systems thinking

“When I rolled out my vision to my team they were impressed with the thought I put into this and they wanted to be part of this journey. It was a special moment as a leader. Some of my stakeholders said they wished they had verbalized a vision to their teams when they were at my level. These conversation helped me show that I care and I have a plan.”

A. Dearborn, District Manager, Eisai Pharmaceuticals

“The results were remarkable. My department changed from a group doing autonomous engineering and construction to one building relationships and serving our internal customers.”

– M. Featham, Manager of Engineering, Florida Progress Energy

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