Look Forward to Leading Again


A Different Approach to Consulting

When you call Propel Forward for consulting you will get hands-on experts leading your solution who have worked inside corporations in leadership positions. We know what keeps you up at night and what fuels your success.

We offer consulting in the following areas:

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Values and Culture
  • Organizational Design
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Change Management
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Create a compelling vision that articulates your unique passions
  • Define the road to reach your vision with enough clarity for others to follow
  • Create success measures that drive engagements and outcomes

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Values and Culture

  • Define the values and interactions necessary to reach your vision.
  • Connect your personal values to understand how these impact your behavioral expectations of others.
  • Anchor your culture with the processes required to reinforce the desired behaviors and values.

Organizational Design

  • Design your organizational structure to meet tomorrow’s future rather than just today’s needs.
  • Clarify the roles, responsibilities and decision authority to eliminate siloing behaviors and conflict.
  • Maximize your productivity by aligning other structural components such as meetings and handoffs between departments.

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Resolve organizational issues impacting your bottom line results or growth with sustainable solutions.
  • Grow your organization meeting both the business and psychological needs of during implementations.
  • Address issues between groups by uncovering the real source of conflict.